Should You Use Mouthwash Each Day?

29 May 2018
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If you walk through an oral care aisle at a pharmacy, you will probably see dozens of different types of mouthwash products you can buy. While most dentists recommend flossing and brushing, many do not emphasize the use of mouthwash products. This is primarily because mouthwash is not always necessary for good oral care, but it can be helpful for some people. Here are a few things you should know if you are trying to determine whether to use mouthwash on a daily basis or not. Read More 

Been Missing Teeth For A Long Time? Why You Might Need Spacers Before Dental Implants

29 April 2018
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Nobody wants to have teeth missing for a prolonged period of time, but sometimes life gets in the way and months or even years go by before you try to get a replacement. If this sounds like you, there's a good chance that you could need dental spacers before you can have your implants set up. Read on to learn more about dental spacers and why you need them. When Teeth Go Missing Read More 

Options For Aligning The Teeth

27 March 2018
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Teeth may be misaligned for a number of reasons. In some cases, the teeth are naturally arranged in a crooked pattern. In other instances, the teeth may have shifted from the force applied to the mouth through thumb-sucking or dental trauma.  Nevertheless, regardless of the reason for a dental misalignment, there are many different options available to straighten crooked teeth. Here are a few of these options and the benefits associated with them. Read More 

Why You Should Discourage Your Child From Thumb Sucking

8 March 2018
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Many parents think that thumbsucking is a normal behavior for children to exhibit. However, the reality is, thumbsucking can lead to a lot of problems for your child, both in their childhood and adult life. If your child is exhibiting signs of this habit, here are the main reasons why you should make an effort to stop them. Tooth Alignment One of the biggest problems with thumb sucking is the same thing as biting nails. Read More 

Why Your Teen May Be Having Mouth Pain

5 February 2018
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If your teen is experiencing mouth pain, you may be concerned about their discomfort. Some mouth pain can indicate a serious condition that requires prompt treatment. However, other oral discomforts are less serious. Here are a few conditions that could cause your teenager to have mouth pain. Erupting Wisdom Teeth The wisdom teeth are the molars at the very back of the mouth. They don't appear until a person reaches his or her teens. Read More