Why You Should Discourage Your Child From Thumb Sucking

8 March 2018
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Many parents think that thumbsucking is a normal behavior for children to exhibit. However, the reality is, thumbsucking can lead to a lot of problems for your child, both in their childhood and adult life. If your child is exhibiting signs of this habit, here are the main reasons why you should make an effort to stop them. Tooth Alignment One of the biggest problems with thumb sucking is the same thing as biting nails. Read More 

Why Your Teen May Be Having Mouth Pain

5 February 2018
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If your teen is experiencing mouth pain, you may be concerned about their discomfort. Some mouth pain can indicate a serious condition that requires prompt treatment. However, other oral discomforts are less serious. Here are a few conditions that could cause your teenager to have mouth pain. Erupting Wisdom Teeth The wisdom teeth are the molars at the very back of the mouth. They don't appear until a person reaches his or her teens. Read More 

What Can You Treat With Laser Dentistry?

9 January 2018
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Laser dentistry is one of the newest forms of dental treatment techniques, and it's applicable in many areas. Here are some of the things that laser dentistry can help: Treating Oral Lesions There are laser beams that can cut through or even vaporize oral tissues. Such lasers can be used to vaporize affected tissues in the mouth to get rid of oral lesions. They can also be used in biopsy; in this case, the laser beam is used to cut a small piece of the affected tissues so that it can be examined in the laboratory to diagnose the disease. Read More 

Does Your Child Demonstrate Oral Defensiveness? 3 Strategies For Going To The Dentist

11 December 2017
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Children with sensory processing disorder sometimes exhibit oral defensiveness. While you might have found ways to minimize your child's reactions at home, going to the dentist can sometimes feel like uncharted territory since you have less control over the environment. The good news is that family dentists understand the importance of providing children with positive experiences that promote better oral health over their lifetime. As you prepare for your child's dental appointment, use these tips to help with their oral defensiveness: Read More 

Keep Your Smile Bright Between Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

15 November 2017
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Wondering how to keep stains from developing so your smile stays bright between professional whitening treatments? Wonder no more! Here are two effective ways to get the job done: Eat Your Way to a White Smile There are a variety of foods you can incorporate into your diet regularly that will help brighten your teeth between professional whitening treatments and help fight off stains before they even have a chance to form. Read More