Tips for New Denture Users

27 October 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Dentures are removable artificial devices used to replace missing teeth. They are a very helpful dental solution used by many people today. If your life circumstances make them necessary for you, here are a few things you'll want to do to make adapting to using them easier.

Make a List of Words That Give You Trouble

When you first get dentures, you'll probably find it hard to speak normally. You have to adjust to having something completely new in your mouth. The trick is to not give up. Instead, make a note of words that give you more trouble than others. Then you'll know what to practice so you can adapt to using your dentures more quickly.

As long as you keep practicing the difficult words, you will enjoy meaningful progression. You can also talk to your dentist too to ask about techniques for working past troubling words. Eventually, you'll get to a point where you're comfortable saying anything with your dentures in.

Keep Your Dentures Wet

There will be periods in the day when you have dentures out of your mouth, such as when you sleep. During these periods, it's key that you keep your dentures wet. Otherwise, your dentures can start to slowly change shapes and will potentially crack. Then you would have to take them in for repairs or even replacement. To avoid this problem, simply put your dentures in a glass of water each time you take your dentures out of your mouth.  

Make Sure Your Dentures are Comfortable from the Start

While even uncomfortable dentures may help you do normal things like eating, you should still make a point of making sure that your dentures are comfortable from the beginning. If they aren't, then you're sacrificing a lot in terms of your quality of life.

If the dentures don't feel comfortable, make sure you tell the dentist that made them immediately. They can see what the issue is and make any needed corrections. You need your dentures to be comfortable. Don't forget that you'll likely be wearing them for years to come.

People who are missing teeth get dentures to overhaul their smiles and give them back their confidence. Once you have a comfortable set of dentures that fit you, being willing to put in the effort to adapt and maintain your new dentures will result in a much easier transition to look forward to. 

If you need new dentures, contact an experienced dentist near you, like the doctors at Smile Fresh Dental.