Is It Better To Get A Root Canal Or Pull A Tooth?

26 August 2021
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Tooth pain is a unique kind of pain, and those who have experienced it often claim that it's the worst pain ever. If you have experienced such kind of pain, you would do anything to make it stop. This includes extracting the tooth or getting a root canal. 

In such cases, extracting the tooth often seems like the best option, as it removes the thing that's causing your pain. Is tooth extraction the best remedy for tooth pain?

What to Expect During Tooth Extraction

During the procedure, the dentist will apply anesthesia to numb the area around the affected tooth. The dentist will then pull the tooth, leaving an empty space in your jawline. While this might end your pain problem, it can also become a breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria may cause infections that spread to other teeth, and the cycle of tooth pain will continue. 

Also, a hole in your mouth will affect the neighboring teeth. Remember that teeth provide physical support for other teeth; therefore, removing a tooth might weaken neighboring teeth. This can result in loose or infected teeth that either fall out or become problematic. 

You can avoid most of these problems by replacing the missing tooth or choosing an alternative to tooth extraction. 

What to Expect During a Root Canal

You'll receive anesthesia before the dentist can begin working on your root canal treatment. The dentist will then clean a tube (pulp chamber) that runs from the top of your tooth to the bottom. The tube has nerve endings and blood vessels. Cleaning it helps remove any infections and bacteria in your tooth. 

The dentist will need to widen and disinfect the pulp chamber. Once this step is complete, the dentist can begin adding the root filling. This should eliminate your pain and stop the spread of infection. 

Which Procedure Is Better?

Should you have your tooth removed or filled? It's hard to get a direct answer without an examination by a dentist. If you undergo a root canal procedure, you'll save your tooth and reduce your pain. It will cost more and take longer to complete than an extraction. 

If you choose to have your tooth extracted, you'll have one less tooth in your mouth. This could lead to tons of complications, as mentioned earlier. However, this doesn't mean that tooth extraction isn't a viable option, especially if your tooth is damaged beyond saving. 

Ultimately, your best bet is a consultation with a dentist who will examine you and make recommendations.