Should You Get Same-Day Dental Implants?

20 July 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

The world of dental implants has changed. Your only option used to be to have the implants inserted one day, and then have the crowns added a few months later, once the implants had healed. Now, many patients have the option of getting same-day implants. The entire artificial tooth, including the root-implanted screw and the visible crown portion, is added to your mouth during the same appointment. 

Same-day dental implants work well for many people, but not necessarily for everyone. Here are some upsides and downsides to consider as you decide whether to get same-day dental implants.

The Upsides

A key upside to same-day implants is that you will not need to be without teeth for any period of time. The idea of having missing teeth makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable and strange. With same-day implants, you will not have to look in the mirror and just see implant pegs as you would with traditional implants. 

You can also go straight back to eating and talking normally after same-day implants. Yes, you will need to stick to soft foods at first so your jaw and gums have time to heal. However, you will be able to chew gently and press your tongue against your new teeth to talk properly.

With same-day implants, scheduling your dental visits also tends to be easier. Most patients have to have the initial surgery appointment followed by a checkup, a month or so later, to ensure they are healing properly. This is easier to schedule than the multiple surgical appointments and checkups required with traditional implants.

The Downsides

A key downside to same-day implants is that they can only be carried out if you have sufficient jaw bone. If your jaw bone has deteriorated or is too thin, then you may need bone grafts, which are best followed up with traditional dental implants.

Another downside to same-day implants is that it can be tempting to transition back to chewier, crunchier foods too soon. If you do eat these foods too soon, then it can interfere with the healing process, sometimes even causing the implants to fail.

If you do not need a bone graft and you have enough self-control to avoid crunchy, chewy foods for a few months, then same-day dental implants are a convenient choice. Talk to your dentist to find out whether you are a candidate for this type of implant procedure.