Why Brushing Your Teeth Is So Important

10 March 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

When it comes to dental care, brushing your teeth should be at the top of your priorities. It's the first step towards ensuring you and your family's oral health and hygiene. Poor oral hygiene practices often lead up to more severe problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. 

That is the reason why your family dentist will always recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. It would be even better if you could get your kids to grow accustomed to doing the same. The toothbrush they use should easily fit in their mouth and have soft bristles as well. But why is regular brushing of teeth so important? 

Prevents Buildup of Plaque

Failing to brush your teeth for a long time means that the food you eat will end up stuck in your teeth. After a while, bacteria in the mouth accumulate on the food particles forming plaque. It is no secret just how dangerous plaque is for children and adults alike. 

As plaque continues to develop, it starts spreading and eventually finds its way into the tooth enamel. Eventually, the tooth becomes infected and starts decaying. And that's when the serious issues crop up. Your family dentist will insist that you and your family brush your teeth at least two times every day. This way, there will hardly be any food particles stuck in the teeth to form any plaque. 

Maintain a Fresher Breath 

Ideally, nobody wants to deal with mouth odor, especially if they are often around other people. Brushing your teeth regularly throughout your day ensures that your mouth remains fresh at all times. It also helps to brush your tongue since it can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria in the mouth. 

This way, hardly any bacteria will be left to cause any odors in your mouth. You might also want to have your family keep a schedule in the morning and evening for a thorough brushing session.  

You End Up Saving Money

Prevention will always cost less than treatment. Pulling out a decayed tooth more is no fun experience for anyone. Plus, you would have to part with some cash to get your teeth fixed. 

You can avoid all that by brushing your teeth regularly and maintaining good oral hygiene. Family dental care specialists also recommend doing so to stay clear of any dental problems in the future. Ultimately, you and your family won't have to spend so much on dental expenses. Look for a dentist in your area to learn more.