Can You Afford Dental Implants?

10 May 2019
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Dental implants vary from traditional dentures in that implants are actually surgically placed in your jaw line so the structure is screwed into your jaw bone. This makes getting dental implants similar to keeping your original healthy teeth, unlike dentures which are removable and fit over the gums rather than into them.

However convenient dental implants are, they are also somewhat expensive and, like any dental procedure, can carry some excess costs that make you have to weigh the benefits of the surgery versus the expense. Can you afford dental implants? This is definitely something you should think about before you sit down in the dental chair. Use this guide to help you determine if you can afford dental implants or if you should consider an alternative solution to your missing teeth needs.

Your insurance is helping out

Dental insurance may not cover dental implants unless they are warranted due to tooth loss related to an accident or medical emergency. If you are getting dental implants simply to replace missing teeth and there is no immediate medical need for the procedure, it's not likely you can count on your dental insurance company to help with your bill. Ask your dentist and an insurance agent of your provider about the possibility of using insurance to help pay for your dental implants.

You don't need a full set

Do you just need a partial dental implant? Or do you have to get your whole mouth done? If you only need a few teeth worked on, you may be able to afford the cost out of your own pocket. However, if you need to get several dental implants or need to have your whole set of teeth replaced, you may want to consider dentures since the procedure can be very expensive and hard to cover on your own.

Your dentist offers payment plans

If you're lucky, your dentist may offer payment plans to help make getting dental implants easier on you. You'll want to discuss this option with your dental practitioner, however, so you know what your payment options actually are. You'll still want to have a down payment ready so even if your procedure can be paid off over time, you still have the ability to get a large chunk of it paid for in advance.

When you need to get dentures or dental implants, your dentist can help you decide how to pay for dental implants. If you can afford them, the benefits are great. Find more resources at a site such as