Reason Why You're Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity

6 November 2018
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While some issues with sensitive teeth cannot be prevented, there are some causes that you can take action to fix or prevent. Here are some common reasons why you have sensitive teeth, and what you can do to prevent it.

Teeth Grinding

It's possible that you grind your teeth, which may or may not be something that is in your control. Some people grind their teeth while they are sleeping, and it is something they feel that they cannot prevent or even stop from happening because it is not intentional. If you suffer from teeth grinding at night, you'll want to consider getting a mouth guard to help stop yourself from doing it. Using a mouth guard may help you wake up in the morning and not have the symptoms of teeth grinding, such as headaches and jaw pain.

Teeth grinding also leads to sensitive teeth and tooth damage, since it also can cause teeth to become worn down, chipped, or fractured. Definitely speak with your dentist about teeth grinding if it is something that you're doing. They can even help make you a custom mouthguard that will be more comfortable to wear at night.

Harsh Oral Health Products

Sensitive teeth may be caused by the oral health products that you're using. Start by switching your toothbrush to one that uses soft bristles rather than firm bristles. Flossing regularly can help prevent plaque from getting in your gum lines, which causes sensitivity. If you don't use mouthwash, try switching to one that is best for sensitive teeth.

Brushing Too Hard

Switching to a toothbrush with soft bristles may not be enough. Look at your brushing behavior and how hard you are moving the brush across your teeth. Adding pressure is not going to get your teeth cleaner, which is why it helps to use gentle brushing that won't cause irritation. Make sure to have the head of the toothbrush partially on your gums to remove plaque under the gums.

Avoid Certain Foods

Sensitive teeth may be caused by the foods you are eating. Acidic foods can wear away the enamel on your teeth, which leads to sensitivity. If you frequently consume soda, citrus fruits, and coffee, be aware that these can lead to sensitive teeth. While some acidic beverages can be easily consumed through a straw to avoid coming in contact with your teeth, you may want to cut out other acidic foods from your diet.

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