Dental Care For Unappealing & Damaged Teeth

20 September 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Teeth are often neglected until later on in life when they become damaged or in a condition that is embarrassing to show off in public. Even something as simple as not replacing a missing tooth can cause problems later in life. For example, if you were to lose one of your molars, eventually your other teeth will begin to move further apart and create gaps. A mouth full of teeth can prevent gaps and keep your teeth properly aligned. The content below provides information about a few of the ways you can go about repairing your teeth.

Invisalign Aligners Can Close Up Gaps

If you have gaps that you are not proud of, closing them up can easily be done with Invisalign aligners. Unlike the tradition braces that are used to close up gaps, Invisalign aligners are not made of metal. You can actually feel confident during the period in which the aligners are worn to close the gaps, as they are not as noticeable as metal braces. The aligners will be customized and made in various sizes to promote your teeth to move closer together. Basically, you will wear smaller aligners as your teeth move closer together, as the larger ones will no longer be effective. 

Implants Can Replace Missing Teeth

If there are missing teeth in any part of your gums, it isn't wise to leave them that way. Any gaps that you have will become larger, and your jawbones won't receive the fullest extent of stimulation. Teeth actually help your jawbones to grow and stay healthy, so the areas with missing teeth can actually make the bones weaker. You can prevent such a problem from developing by filling in the spaces where teeth are missing with dental implants. The implants are artificial roots that work as well as your real ones, and they are also attached to artificial teeth that have a natural look.

Reserve Natural Teeth with Crowns

Cavities are likely something that you suffer from if your teeth were neglected for years. When the cavities are big, the enamel becomes weaker due to being so thin. If you don't want the teeth to be pulled out, crowns can possibly be placed on them to prevent further enamel wear. Crowns are available in various shades of white, and can even be purchased in gold. Your cavities will have to be filled in before the crowns are put in place.