How To Help Get Your Child Over Their Fear Of The Dentist

13 October 2017
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Going to the dentist can cause anxiety for anyone, but for a child, it can be even worse. For kids, the big and unfamiliar chair, the lights in their eyes, a stranger looking in their mouth, and the sound of the cleaning tools being used can all be worrisome. Help ease these fears by following the tips below.

Read Books About The Dentist

Read books about going to the dentist to your child. You can find several books about going to the dentist with a character your child may love and can relate to. Read this book to your child and talk to him about his fears. Allow your child to talk to you about what he is feeling about the dentist.

Talk About Going To The Dentist

Talk with your child about what happens at the dentist. Talk with your child about the things the dentist will do and the tools that will be used. Also talk to your child about the reasons why going to the dentist is so important and what can happen if your child doesn't take good care of his teeth.

Take Your Child To The Dentist With You

Take your child to the dentist with you for your dental cleaning so he sees that there is nothing to fear. Have him sit in the room with you and watch what is going on (if the dentist office allows this). If your child sees you going to the dentist without fear, he may follow suit.

Be There With Your Child

Be in the office with your child while he is having his dental cleaning. Allow him to hold your hand to help him remain calm, or give him something special from home he can hold onto so he stays calm and feels more at ease.

Give Your Child Sunglasses

Those bright lights can be somewhat frightening, so allow your child to wear sunglasses to keep that bright light out of his eyes. It may help him feel a little more at ease if he can actually see what is going on around him without the bright lights blinding him. Even if the dental office already provides sunglasses, you can help your child feel at ease by bringing their own special glasses from home.

Talk to your child about going to the dentist and allow him to discuss his fears openly with you. Talk to your dentist about other things you can do to help ease fears and explain ahead of time that your child is having some anxiety about the appointment. For more information and tips, visit websites like