Child Tooth Emergencies: What All Parents Need To Do

18 April 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

For small children, falling down is a very common occurrence. Sometimes, they will fall and hit their face, resulting in damage to their teeth. This can be scary for both the child and the parents, as there is often a lot of blood and pain that go along with this type of emergency. The following are some things to do if you and your child end up in this situation:

Try Not To Panic

This is easier said than done, but try your best not to panic at the situation. Your child is going to be very upset, so it is crucial that you remain as calm as possible to help deescalate the emergency. Talk softly and quietly while reassuring your child.

Assess The Injury

Next, take a look at the injury. See if you can find a source for the blood. If the blood is coming from the mouth, be certain to check the teeth and gums. If the blood is coming from that area, it is not as imminently dangerous as a head wound or blood coming from the mouth that is not a result of a tooth injury.

If the blood is coming from the teeth and gums, look to see if the child still has all of his or her teeth. There may be one or more tooth missing after such an injury. If you have a moment, look around to see if you notice any of the missing teeth on the ground or in the immediate area. While it is not likely that the dentist will be able to successfully implant them back into the mouth, he or she may be able to determine the severity of the injury, which can help map out the treatment for the child.

Find An Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies need to be dealt with as quickly as possible, not only because the child will be in pain, but also because you do not want to risk further damage to the remaining teeth. Waiting too long for treatment also increases the likelihood that the child will get an infection from the wound. Going to the emergency room of a hospital is an option, but the most they will be able to do is clean the wound and provide pain control. You will still need to have the teeth fixed to avoid potential problems.

If your dentist offers emergency services, call the office and get there as soon as you can. However, some dental practices do not have emergency hours. In this case, you will need to quickly find a practice that can see your child as soon as possible. Call some other practices, or check to see if there is an emergency dental facility, like TLC Dental Center, in your area. Every minute counts, so be sure to have your child checked as soon as possible.