3 Ways That Dental Implants Can Protect Your Teeth

31 March 2017
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A dental implant can be a great resource when it comes to protecting the rest of your teeth, mostly because it can prevent situations that cause unnecessary wear and movement on the part of your teeth. Listed below are three ways that dental implants can protect your teeth.

Fill In The Gaps

One of the most important ways that dental implants can help protect your teeth is by filling in the gaps that were left behind by any teeth that you may have lost. The reason that this is so important is that when there are gaps between your teeth, the teeth around the gaps naturally start shifting into the empty space, which means that you can very easily end up with crooked teeth and weakened teeth as a result of that empty space. However, when you have dental implants placed into those gaps between your teeth, the dental implants will become a barrier that will keep the teeth from shifting or moving into that open space.

Encourage Bone Growth

Another important reason to consider utilizing dental implants to protect your teeth is to encourage bone growth. This is because your teeth provide stimulation to your jawbone via the roots of your teeth every time you chew your food. This stimulation causes your jawbone to repair itself and grow in order to keep its shape.

When teeth are lost, some of that stimulation is lost as well and leads to your jawbone degrading over time. However, when a dental implant is installed the rod that the dental implant is installed on will provide the same stimulation to your jawbone as your natural teeth do whenever you chew.

Reduce Wear

Finally, dental implants can help you protect your teeth by reducing the amount of wear that each of your teeth experiences throughout the day. This is very important because the less wear that your teeth experience the more likely they are to last for a very long time and be healthy. A dental implant can help reduce the wear because it will be able to do the work that your missing teeth used to do so that your remaining teeth do not have to work harder to make up for the missing teeth.

Make an appointment with your dentist today in order to discuss what dental implants can do to help protect your teeth and if dental implants are the best possible choice for your particular needs. Dental implants can protect your teeth by filling in the gaps between your teeth, encouraging bone growth, and reducing wear on your teeth. Click here for info.