3 Reasons Why You May Need To Get A Dental Crown

20 March 2017
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It is so important that your teeth are able to function properly for you because this allows you to eat, speak, and, otherwise be free of pain when doing things with your mouth. In some cases, your teeth may get to the point where they need some extra support into order to function properly. One thing that can help to restore your tooth is a dental crown. This article is going to discus 3 reasons why you may need a dental crown.

Most Of Your Tooth Is A Filling

If you have had several fillings put throughout a tooth and you find out that you have another cavity, then it is likely going to be in your best interest to have a crown placed over this tooth. Getting another filling is simply going to remove even more of your tooth, thus making it unstable and more likely to not only fall apart, but also to get another cavity. If you get a crown placed over this tooth instead, it is going to give it the strength of an actual tooth, and you will not likely have to worry about getting another cavity in this tooth because of the protection that the dental crown provides.

You Have A Damaged Cusp

The cusp of your tooth is very important because it is the part of your tooth because this is the portion where you are going to do most of your chewing. If this portion of your tooth is compromised or damaged in any way, you are going to have difficulty chewing your foods. Also, because it is an area of your tooth that is used so much, it is likely going to get more and more damaged. By placing a dental crown over the cusp of your tooth, you are reinforcing this area, thus allowing you to use your tooth for chewing as you once did.  

Root Canal

When you get a root canal, a lot of the internal structure of your tooth is removed. Because of this, you are left with what is often considered an unstable tooth. This means that using it to chew foods could be dangerous because it could cause your tooth to break or crack. A great way to secure this tooth and ensure that it functions properly for you is to have a dental crown placed over it. The is going to ensure that the tooth is protected from breaking, and it is also sealed off so that food can't get inside and cause the tooth to break down even more.

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