5 Tips For Getting The Best Invisalign Results

1 April 2016
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Invisalign is a popular treatment method for correcting misaligned teeth. As the name suggests, it's practically invisible, but it's also effective. Of course, there are some things you can do to increase the effectiveness and reduce treatment time. If you are thinking about getting Invisalign braces, check out these five tips to get better results.

Wear Them as Often as Possible

The makers of Invisalign urge users to wear their aligners at least 20 hours per day, so it's important you wear them as often as possible. Only remove them when you are eating or cleaning your teeth/aligners. Once you are finished, immediately return them to your mouth. Failing to wear them the required time will slow your treatment. Your teeth won't move as they should or they may even begin to move back into their old position, and this can start to happen fast.

Get Additional Help for Your Aligners

For many people the aligners are enough to successfully move teeth, but you may need additional help to achieve the best results possible. One type of helpful tool is chewies. Chewies are designed to ensure the aligners are fitted well and leave no air gaps between your teeth and the aligners. You simply bite down on these plastic-like cushions occasionally to help seal your aligners. Another type of tool is attachments. The dentist uses dentil bonding material to create buttons. These buttons help hold the aligners in place, so they don't slip and move. This can help improve treatment time.

Consider Using IPR

Sometimes, you just don't have enough room in your mouth for your teeth to sit perfectly straight. No matter how much the aligners move your teeth, they may still be a little crowded, which is why you should ask your dentist about interproximal reduction or IPR. For this procedure, the dentist removes a tiny amount of tooth surface between your teeth. It's not enough to cause damage or lead to future problems, but it is enough to help ensure your teeth fit better once they have been moved. The dentist will use a computer to help determine which teeth need to be sanded.

Get a Travel Toothbrush

One of the worst things you can do for your teeth is eat something and then put your aligners back in without brushing. This traps bacteria on your teeth, and because you are wearing aligners, the saliva in your mouth can't reach your teeth to remove some of the bacteria. This gives the bacteria free range to start destroying your teeth and cause decay. It's important you keep a travel toothbrush with you, so you can brush your teeth whenever possible. That way, even if you have an unexpected meal on the road, you're prepared to clean your teeth.

Continue Wearing Your Retainer

Even after your teeth have been repositioned to their final location with Invisalign aligners, you'll probably need to wear a retainer at night. The retainer is basically another set of aligners. If you don't wear them every night, just like not wearing your aligners for at least 20 hours a day, your teeth could start to move. If you stop wearing them completely, you may even need to seek further treatment to re-correct your smile, which means more money and treatment time.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed, which can make it difficult to stick to your treatment plan. However, if you follow these five tips, you should get better faster results. If you are ready to transform your smile, contact a dentist, such as those at Fayetteville Family Dentistry, who offers Invisalign treatment in your area today and schedule a consultation.