Gearing Up For Graduation? Tips To Whiten And Brighten Your Smile Before Graduation Day

23 March 2016
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Graduation day is quickly approaching, so you may already be ordering your cap and gown, yearbook, and party invitations. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough effort into your overall appearance, since you will be taking senior portraits and pictures on the actual day of graduation. While new attire and perfectly done hair are essential, you will also want a clean, white, and bright smile. Removing stains and discoloration while brightening the underlying white color of your tooth enamel is possible before graduation day. Using one or more of these options now, your smile will be white and bright by graduation.

Professional Whitening

If you visit your dentist regularly, you most likely know that they can whiten your teeth in the office. However, you may not be familiar with the different professional treatments available. Here are a few professional treatment options to whiten your teeth before you get your diploma:

  • Vital – Vital whitening is the most common form of whitening, since it can be done in the dentist's office or at home. The treatments require multiple visits, so schedule your appointments a few months before your graduation. In the office, your dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth before activating the bleaching agents with a specialized light.
    • If you prefer to complete vital whitening at home, your dentist will first need to take impressions of your mouth. These impressions are used to create a custom-fitted mouthpiece. When you want to whiten your teeth, you apply the bleaching gel to the mouthpiece and wear for a few hours each day.
  • Non-Vital – If your tooth discoloration is more severe, your dentist may need to whiten the teeth from the inside. Whitening agents are placed inside the tooth before adding a temporary filling over the tooth. The whitening agents will remain in the tooth for a few days to allow sufficient time for stain removal.

At-Home Whitening Remedies

If you prefer a more natural treatment to whiten and brighten your smile, there are many unique options available. Since they will not offer immediate results, beginning these treatments a few months prior to graduation day is smart.

Oil Pulling

Swishing oil around in your mouth may not seem like an effective option for cleaning and brightening your teeth, but oil pulling is a great way to remove stains and bacteria from your teeth while detoxifying your body.

To get started, place 1 to 2 teaspoons of coconut oil or sesame oil in your mouth. Swish it around for 20 minutes in an attempt to "pull" food particles, plaque, and bacteria out of your mouth and body. After the time, spit the oil into the trash before rinsing your mouth with warm water. Brush your teeth as normal.


Utilizing activated charcoal on your teeth can also remove stains and brighten the whiteness of your surface enamel. Visit your local health food store or vitamin supplier and purchase activated charcoal capsules.

Break open the capsule and sprinkle the charcoal powder onto a damp toothbrush. Do not apply your regular toothpaste. Scrub the charcoal onto your teeth, making sure your entire smile is coated with the black charcoal powder. Allow the charcoal to sit on your teeth for 20 minutes before rinsing your mouth with warm water. Brush your teeth with toothpaste afterwards.

The charcoal will absorb residue and bacteria from your teeth, decreasing stains and brightening the white color of your tooth enamel.

Having a healthy set of teeth is imperative, but ensuring your smile is white and bright is also important for special occasions. Using this guide a few months before the big day, you can have a healthy, white, and bright smile on graduation day. Contact a dental clinic like Dr. Jerry F. Maymi & Associates if you would like professional dental whitening services.