Benefits Of Getting Same Day Dentures

25 July 2019
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While there are still a lot of denture clinics that send molds out to another company to have dentures made, more and more dentists are offering same day dentures. They can do this because they have all of the tools, machinery, and experience to make the dentures right there in their clinic. If you are not used to getting dentures on the same day, you might find yourself wondering if this is too good to be true. Read More 

How A General Dentist Can Help You Get Your Special Needs Child To Brush More

1 July 2019
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One of the biggest challenges you face, as a parent of a special needs child, is getting your child to brush his/her teeth. It may sometimes feel like a battle or a wrestling match, yet your child's teeth are very important to speech and language and being able to eat and chew. If you feel terrible about trying to coax or hold onto your child just to brush a few teeth for a few seconds, there is hope. Read More 

How To Prevent Your Kids From Getting Cavities This Summer

7 June 2019
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Summer vacation is here, which means that it's time to get your kids out in the sun and have some fun. However, in addition to making sure that your kids have fun, you also want to make sure that they are taking good care of their health by doing things like getting regular exercise, getting enough sleep every night, and brushing their teeth a few times a day. To make sure that your little ones don't get any cavities this summer, this article will take a closer look at a few different things that you can do. Read More 

Can You Afford Dental Implants?

10 May 2019
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Dental implants vary from traditional dentures in that implants are actually surgically placed in your jaw line so the structure is screwed into your jaw bone. This makes getting dental implants similar to keeping your original healthy teeth, unlike dentures which are removable and fit over the gums rather than into them. However convenient dental implants are, they are also somewhat expensive and, like any dental procedure, can carry some excess costs that make you have to weigh the benefits of the surgery versus the expense. Read More 

Why It Takes So Long To Get Dentures And How Immediate Dentures Can Help

5 April 2019
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If you're planning to have some or all of your teeth extracted because they're in bad shape, then you're probably thinking about wearing dentures and what it entails. One concern you may have is the length of time you have to go without teeth until your dentures are made. This could be several weeks, and you may not want to go to work or out in public without teeth. One solution is to get immediate dentures if your dentist finds them suitable. Read More