Endodontic Retreatment: Frequently Asked Questions

28 December 2016
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According to the American Academy of Endodontics, approximately 15.1 root canal procedures are performed each year. In the majority of cases, the root canal is completely successful and the patient can live the rest of their life free of pain and worry. However, in a few cases, the root canal isn't enough to save the affected tooth, which can lead to severe discomfort and continue decay, even years after the original root canal was performed. Read More 

How to Reduce Gum-Disease Concerns When You Have Diabetes

26 September 2016
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If you have diabetes, then you likely know that you are at a higher risk of developing certain medical issues and complications. Gum disease is one of the medical problems that can occur if you are diabetic. Gum disease is prevalent among individuals with diabetes because the bacteria in the mouth feed off the sugary substances that you eat. If you do not manage your disease as closely as you should, then your blood sugar may be high. Read More 

2 Reasons Dental Implants Are Better For Your Health Than Dentures

5 August 2016
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If you're missing more than a few teeth, it's probably time for you to start thinking about tooth replacement. You may need a partial denture or--depending on the health of your remaining teeth--you may opt to have all of your teeth removed and a full set of dentures made instead. You could also opt for dental implants. There are arguments to be made for both dentures and dental implants, but it's important to consider that dental implants may be better not just for your mouth, but for your overall health. Read More 

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: A Prevention Guide For New Parents

27 May 2016
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Every part of your new baby is perfect and beautiful, including those tiny baby teeth that have yet to erupt from his or her gums. It's important to keep those baby teeth in good shape so that they can serve their purpose of allowing your child to eat and later guiding the adult teeth into place. Unfortunately, a lot of well-meaning parents make mistakes that end up causing damage to their baby's teeth. Read More 

Why Two-Step Root Canals Might Be Better Than One-Step Root Canals

29 April 2016
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No one ever likes finding out the news that they need a root canal; however, if you need one, you should follow through with it. Root canals are designed to save teeth that would otherwise probably have to be extracted, and they offer one of the only ways to achieve this. If you need a root canal and decide to get a second opinion, you might find that some dentists perform root canals all in one visit, but others may use a two-step process to complete a root canal. Read More