What You Need To Know About Orthodontic Treatment If Your Teen Has Impacted Canines

28 December 2015
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Many people consider orthodontic treatment to be cosmetic in nature. However, sometimes orthodontic treatment is necessary for more than achieving a perfect smile. When teeth are impacted, orthodontic treatment is necessary to prevent more serious dental and bone problems. If you are a parent and have been told that your teen has impacted canine teeth and needs orthodontic treatment, here are a few questions you'd probably like to have answered.  What can happen if your teen doesn't get treatment? Read More 

3 Things To Know About Congenitally Missing Teeth And Dental Implants For Kids

30 October 2015
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Approximately 20% of adults are congenitally missing a permanent tooth. A congenitally missing tooth is one that will never erupt, because the tooth is missing. Dentists are able to locate congenitally missing teeth in kids on the x-rays they take. If your child is diagnosed with this problem and is missing one or more teeth, you may wonder what can be done about this. Dental implants are one option you could look into; however, this is not something young children can get. Read More 

Joyous Over Your Java? Understanding And Treating The Dental Dangers Of Excessive Coffee Drinking

19 October 2015
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From innovative, single-cup makers to the overwhelming variety of unique flavors and serving methods, coffee has become more than a ritual to get yourself going in the morning. Considering the average American drinks 2.1 cups of coffee each day, it is easy to see the desire and need for this favorite beverage. Unfortunately, drinking an excessive amount of coffee each day can wreak havoc on your smile's appeal and underlying oral health. Read More 

Teaching Your Child The Importance Of Dental Care Through Science

15 October 2015
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Your child's dentist relies on you to help teach your child about the importance of proper dental care. Unfortunately, this isn't always as easy as it might seem. For many kids, seeing first-hand how certain substances can affect their teeth is the most effective way to help them understand. You can do this with a few creative experiments that let your kids get hands-on to see how it all works. Here are some tips to give your child a first-hand look at the damage that some things can do to their teeth. Read More 

The Trick-Or-Treater’s Guide To Halloween Dental Health

14 October 2015
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The Halloween season is infamous for its plethora of ghosts, monsters, witches and other scary sights, but none of these visions is more frightening than the prospect of ruined teeth. While responsible dental hygiene and general dentistry routines are critical for your oral health all year round, you may have to practice some extra vigilance to keep the evil spirits away from your teeth on October 31st. Here are some tricks worth trying. Read More